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Abbey of Templiers 
Field of La Noë 



Côteaux of Sèvre and Maine


Divided into a score of small islands of which 90 % with less than 2 km, our vines are located around our winery.

Their age represents an obvious asset on the quality of the wines - from 2 to 80 years -

extent of territoir and different soils allows our oenologists to assemble wines of great qualities to the exceptional perfumes

Granit “Château Thébaud“

Western part of Armorican rock on lime sandy ground. Metamorphic rock ortho-gneiss with alteration of the granit on the surface wich allows a good rooting, rich in quartz, feldspath and black micas called “granodiorite”. Only a few soils in the area, allowing homogeneous and regular grape maturity brings freshness and fine aromas.



On the northern limit of the “Sillon de Bretagne” with limestone and black sandy soils from a “mylonite” area interest will quartz. An underground presenting flint will a silica rock of granit type desagregating. Rare soil in the area mixing minerality and powerful aromatic hints on their wines.