Abbaye des Templiers

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 Abbaye des Templiers 
Domaine de la Noë 


 Vines of the "Abbaye des Templiers"

Les Templiers

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Splendid in its youth, the "Abbaye des Templiers" is today in ruin. It does not remain about it less than the Cistérsiens monks of the time could find the best grounds to raise wines of exceptions there.

This special vintage of the Abbey raised on granitic plates with the foot of the vestiges results from old feet from 60 to 70 years which provide to the wine marked scents and a great potential of guard. 

Granite dit“ de Clisson“

Western part of Armorican rock on sandy soils. Granitic rock at black and white micas, recovered with gravel clay and quartz, polished and smoothed stoneware. High quality to drain this soil insuring deep rooting allowing a better maturity for these rich, mineral and powerful wines.